Time to Market if you have a product or service that has a short life span then the time to market is critical, the longer you spend establishing relationships and finding partners the more market you could lose. NSR helps companies reduce this time to market by understanding the culture and working within its contact base to source the right relationships fast.

Investment establishing a new market is not just an investment of capital it is also an investment of time,  It is very rare to be able to visit a country once, find and establish a partnership, it takes many visits and lots of effort. This is where NSR can help, by doing the ground work for you it can reduce the number of visits and time required to find the correct relationships and partners thus reducing the cost of establishing your new market.

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NSR Developments was set up in 2010 to help companies who did not have the expertise to take their products to market in other countries. The practical experience offered by NSR means we are able to help understand markets, identify potential partners / resellers and work with the company to establish credible relationships.
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United Kingdom Identifying potential partners in a country where you have no relationships in never easy, with some of the companies out there it can be a very costly activity. NSR offer an alternative cost effective way to bring your products to the United Kingdom with no upfront costs.

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Business and culture in India are different from doing work in the UK or even Europe, to succeed in India you need to understand these differences and work within them. NSR has been working in India for many years and can help your company quickly acclimatise to the cultural differences and shortcut the time to market. We do not work on a upfront fee basis so we can help introduce your products in a cost effective manner.
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“ NSR were able to get us established in Gujarat in months short cutting our time to market”

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